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  • In the last quarter century, Poland has been one of the foremost beneficiaries of the post-Cold War international order. Its per capita GDP rose seven-fold and at a rate unknown since the 16th century, what is called “the golden age”, and individual consumption has reached 70% of that of Western Europe. The last time the country enjoyed such an advantageous combination of internal stability and a high level of international security was 400 years ago. Even more surprisingly, for the first 10 to 15 years after the end of the Cold War, Poland—economically and socially devastated, weak and lacking allies—came out of the communist morass and develop, enjoying as never in its history a prolonged spell of tranquillity.
  • Polska w minionym ćwierćwieczu była jednym z największych beneficjentów pozimnowojennego ładu międzynarodowego. W wymiarze wewnętrznym – PKB przypadający na mieszkańca zwiększył się dwukrotnie – w tempie nienotowanym od XVI stulecia, nazywanego w naszej historiografii „wiekiem złotym”. Konsumpcja indywidualna osiągnęła 70% poziomu w Europie Zachodniej. Tym, co sukces ów umożliwiło, było zakończenie zimnej wojny oraz ład międzynarodowy, który ukształtował się w jej następstwie, zapewniając Polsce bez mała trzydzieści lat nieprzerwanego rozwoju. Stabilność wewnętrzna i wysoki poziom bezpieczeństwa międzynarodowego to dwa czynniki, których ostatniego tak korzystnego splotu doświadczyliśmy 400 lat temu.
  • Diplomacy requires substantive debate and, above all, thoroughly considered and rational argumentation. This seems particularly important today, when the EU is in a crisis, facing increasingly serious challenges. All too often emotions overpower rational judgment and plain common sense, and voicing radical opinions in sharp-tongued language makes debate difficult, if not entirely impossible.

  • Overcoming the profound challenges which Eastern Europe is struggling with requires a long-term, comprehensive, and bold strategy of EU support. Regrettably, given the multitude and complexity of problems the union itself is grappling with it, can hardly be expected to take active steps in its eastern neighbourhood; indeed, at best it can be expected to make inconsistent attempts to stamp out consecutive fires in the region.
  • In recent years the theory that the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was an example of a colonial state has found many supporters in Poland and abroad.